vow renewal celebrant Great Missenden



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vow renewal celebrant Great Missenden

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vow renewal celebrant Great Missenden
vow renewal celebrant Great Missenden
vow renewal celebrant Great Missenden
vow renewal celebrant Great Missenden


That's as simple as it gets for me as a Celebrant.
To celebrate life & love.
It's both my mission and my passion.
It's who I am & what I do.
With passion, respect & a creative eye I will help you mark your life event
in a truly unforgettable way.
It deserves a bespoke, heartfelt & beautifully delivered ceremony & I am here to tell you,
you needn't compromise on the Wedding of your dreams, the Life Celebration of
a loved one, the Naming of your Child or the Renewal of your Vows.
A Celebrant-led ceremony gives you the freedom to celebrate or commemorate the way YOU want to.Let me help you do this.Scroll down for my full list of services or touch my heart & send me a message.

How may I be of service?

“I’m sorry, you’re a what?”More often than not this is the response I’m met with when I tell someone what I do. Quickly followed by the need to make the distinction between a Celebrant and a celibate. Sometimes more than once. I won’t explain that difference here but needless to say, ANY similarities are purely coincidental.There is a strange duality to being a celebrant, in one sense it's still a relatively fresh and fledgeling occupation in spite of the fact has been around for around 15 years but as cultures evolve, and with it the laws that accompany it, the desire for a secular, non-religious ceremony that's free of any church imposed protocol grows. In spite of the many instances bye-bye I have had to explain what the celebrant is, that's giving the impression that it is indeed unheard-of, upon training oneself up and launching oneself into the business, one discovers it's an already well subscribed industry.Google searches tend to include the words ‘independent’, ‘secular’ and/or ‘professional’.Let’s deal with each search criteria individually.Independent clearly indicates a desire for an officiant who’s not in any way affiliated with an organisation or body. Celebrants are by their very nature independent being that they tend to be self-employed and their own boss.Secular is an interesting word in itself. Meaning devoid of religion or spiritual matters and in direct contrast to sacred it suggests the need for a ceremony that whilst celebratory contains no elements that resemble religion or spirituality. This is where a Humanist comes in, they are not permitted to perform any religious elements whatdsobver where as a non-humanist Celebrant-led ceremony remains open to ALL needs of the client.Professional is an ambiguous word. It ought not to be but these days anyone who feels like being a professional something or other need only regard them selves as professional. What do we deem to be oroffesional? Is it a qualification, is it experience, is merely someone who earns any money from providing their service.So, what does it take to be an independent, professional and certified Celebrant in the UK (or Civil Celebrant as we are sometimes called)? Well , it encompasses a wide spectrum of ceremonies and requires a skillset that needs to be imaginative, compassionate, insightful, attentive, mindful, creative, communicative, understanding of both the human heart and soul, business-minded which also includes finances, digital marketing, social media, always honing and keeping abreast of ever changing trends, laws and wants. And, unlike Humanists who aren’t permitted to deal with any religious elements, even though we are secular we can and do cover ceremonies both religious and non-religious, depending on the clients desires. Weddings, funerals, life-cycle ceremonies, memorials, ashes scattering, vow renewals, transgender naming, divorce healing, pet funerals, new family unions, we should be able to write an order of service including eulogy, conduct mini-rituals including hand fasting, jump the broom, sand ceremony etc essentially whatever event someone deems special enough to have a ceremony for that they wish to signify with a sense of formality, celebration or commemoration.
Given the broad nature of such things, fees can be tricky to nail down given the bespoke nature of creating and the highly competitive industry that it is fast becoming. Prices can vary from £150 to....well, with weddings, up to thousands!
Based in Great Missenden but covering all of Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Greater London,
Wedding, Funeral, Baby Naming, Vow Renewal, Pet Funeral Celebrant operating in the Buckinghamshire (Aylesbury, Milton Keynes, Marlow, High Wycombe, Amersham, Chesham, Newport Pagnell, Aston Clinton, Beaconsfield, Great Missenden, Gerrards Cross, Iver, Denham, Chalfont St Giles, Haddenham, Stokenchurch, Hazlemere, Taplow, Bourne End, Burnham, Bletchley, Long Crendon, Princes Risborough, Wendover, Buckingham)
Hertfordshire (Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, Watford, St Albans, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden Centre)
Oxfordshire (Oxford, Banbury, Bicester, Kidlington, Chipping Norton, Carterton, Witney, Thame, Chinnor, Abingdon-on-Thames, Wantage, Didcot, Wallingford, Henley-on-Thames

vow renewal celebrant Great Missenden


Originally from Arbroath in Scotland, for twenty seven years I've trod the boards as an actor & singer in productions such as Les Miserables, Mamma Mia!, Cats, 42nd Street, Macbeth, Henry V, King Lear and many more.Once I realised what a Celebrant was, I knew I wanted to be one; enabling, facilitating & celebrating love - through ceremony - resonated profoundly within me.
It hit me that the combination of my passions served the same purpose - making people happy. Years of performance, public speaking, character study, creative writing, a curiosity and interest in people & above all telling wonderful stories have allowed me to achieve that aim with what feels like a natural transition.
I trained with & are a member of The Institute of Professional Celebrants. I'm also fully covered for public liability up to £5 million.Any questions, just click the heart.

Galactic Love Poem read by yours truly.

celebrant Buckinghamshire

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In my time I have been christian, agnostic & atheistic but have settled upon a belief in the human spirit & our individual capacity for good, compassion & love.Love is without doubt the fundamental element of all Celebrant led ceremonies & the reason that I wanted to become a Celebrant. I love to help people celebrate love. As such I don't judge & want you to feel comfortable & open enough to be able to express your needs so that we can create something personal & truly memorable. Life is tough but can be better endured with more golden moments found through compassion & love for each other.

"Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth, 'You owe me'.
Look what happens with a love like that. It lights up the whole sky."


LGBQT civil celebrant Great Missenden
vow renewal celebrant Great Missenden


funeral celebrant Great Missenden

Everyone has a story, and when that story comes to an end the chapter of remembrance begins.
How you choose to say farewell will not only give your nearest & dearest the chance to say goodbye but, as chief mourner, will give you an opportunity to say 'thank you' to your loved one. With respect, compassion, meaningfulness & by combining music, words & any personal touches that convey their spirit, I will help you create a fond farewell, write a heartfelt tribute, or assist you in writing your own eulogy, if required, but also to help bear some of the weight you may feel at such a difficult time.
If you would like to read a sample eulogy or have any questions I have made a eBooklet which I can forward upon request. Simply click the heart below.

funeral civil celebrant Great Missenden
funeral civil celebrant Great Missenden
memorial celebrant Great Missenden
funeral civil celebrant Great Missenden

The Funeral Celebrant Accord 'defines the attributes & skills required of an excellent funeral celebrant & is intended to set the standards by which all celebrants offering funeral services should be measured.'The role of a funeral celebrant is to serve the bereaved & their community by creating & leading a personal, accurate & respectful funeral ceremony.Their work should clearly reflect the life, values & beliefs of the person who has died, acknowledge & give time to their community of family & friends, & create an environment in which the grieving process can be held & supported.'

vow renewal celebrant Great Missenden


It's YOUR day so why compromise?
With a civil ceremony you're free to be as bold or as modest as you like: on a beach with a string quartet playing Claire De Lune or in your local pub dressed as Han Solo & Princess Leia, eating fish and chips.
Add rituals such as ring warming or hand fasting. Of exotic heritage? Why not combine traditions from your family cultures?
Whatever you decide (not your mother or aunt or best friend), the ceremony is without doubt the beautiful, beating heart of it all. Between us we shall create a unique & unforgettable ceremony which captures your story, your energy & your LOVE. So dream beautifully.I can also help you with your vows, readings, choices of music & help calm those nuptial nerves.So, how does it work? My wedding package starts at £600 & includes a uniquely created service written & delivered by a fully insured, professionally trained and experienced Celebrant. It also includes unlimited communications until you have the ceremony you desire and up to 50 travel miles. I'm happy to chat and answer any burning questions you have either in person or on Zoom - after all, you need to meet and LIKE the one who's going to be overseeing your beautiful day. You can take all the time you need to decide and then, if you feel I'm the Celebrant for you, a 40% deposit secures the date which remains refundable up until you give me the go ahead to start creating and planning the ceremony.Still have burning questions? Please do get in touch using the contact form or by emailing me on nbcelebrant@icloud.com

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Inside info from those who have gone before you....

Book a Spa appointment the week before - in the hurly burly of all those preparations make sure you give yourself some 'me' time prior to the big day.
Pick someone nearby, with a pocket (best man or father), to keep a bottle of water and your lipstick handy.
Ask the caterer to pack a meal for you both to eat later - chances are you might be too excited to eat or too busy saying hi to everyone. Oh, ask them to save some cake too. You gotta have some sweet treats too.
Your day will fly by in what will feel like the blink of an eye so be sure to pause and drink in moments from time to time - who's chatting to who, how beautiful everyone looks, which older relatives are slaying it on the dancefloor.
Make sure you book a Celebrant who listens to your needs, has creative bones, passion and a good sense of what's important. Hint hint.

Collet and Kipras Collins

There Can be Only One (Celebrant)!Bride:
There was something about Norman’s profile that grabbed me. I had to message him. His positive and kind energy was bursting through it and I was not disappointed when he replied.
Norman decided to set up a video call for us and I couldn’t get my camera to work so he could see me and I couldn’t see him. It was actually really funny 🙂 he had this in love with love caring sort of vibe and our wedding was that much more brilliant with him as our Celebrant.
My husband and I see Norman as a friend now and we would welcome him to attend any event we have. We built such a report with Norman in such a short time that we actually asked him to join our wedding reception. A friend of ours couldn’t make it because she had to quarantine. I felt as though Norman should join us. My husband felt the same.
No other Celebrant I had spoken to had that spark that Norman has, naturally, he is a confident performer which added to his strength as a Celebrant for us. He was the one and only choice for us. Thank you so much Norman, see you at our friend’s wedding!
Groom:I knew he was the right man for the job the moment my then Fiancée said she has found OUR celebrant. We are picky people so I knew he must have been special when she said that and he did not disappoint, but far exceeded the high bar we set for him!He was warm, friendly and conducted himself with a confidence that was very reassuring when I met him during the rehearsal.The full breadth of his experience shined through during the actual wedding day. He talked me through the ceremony and helped alleviate any anxiety I had about messing up my part :D. The ceremony itself was spectacular (especially when I saw my bride walking down the aisle to me).Honestly, my wife and I are very happy with the service Norman provided and now feel as though we can count him as one of our dear friends.

Kiki & Chris Handford

We just got married and had the real honour to have Norman as our Celebrant! What can we say? If you are looking for bespoke, personalised, heartfelt, genuine and truly invested person, he is the guy for you.
He made everything so easy, we had several chats begore hand, and everything we spoke about, was noted, memorised and applied.
Norman has true charisma, all our friends and family adored him!
Its fair to say we did too!

vow renewal celebrant Great Missenden


Welcome to the world, little one!A Celebrant-led Baby Naming ceremony can be whatever you want it to - with or without a religious element, in your back garden, in the park or in the woodlands.You can invite family & friends to write their best wishes for the child on tags to be hung upon a wish tree, have them bring an item for a time capsule to be opened on their 16th birthday or maybe a beautifully simple sand ceremony in which everyone pours a different coloured sand into a jar which can be displayed in the child's bedroom - a reminder of the love & support extended to your child. Or simply create your very own based on your heritage or culture.As a professionally trained Celebrant, I can help create, enable & present your ceremony, freeing you up to just enjoy & savour your child's special day.
Let's welcome your new arrival to the world, to the family, to life.
Just touch my heart to send me a message.

baby naming celebrant Great Missenden
vow renewal celebrant Great Missenden



Vow Renewals, Pet Funerals, New Families, Divorce Healings....whichever life event it is you desire to mark with ceremony, let me help create it with you.Alongside providing guidance, understanding & emotional weight-bearing, through symbolism, gestures, carefully chosen words & music a Celebrant-led ceremony can add a sense of formality & legitimacy to your event. If desired. Or it may be the simplest of acknowledgements that life has changed & you along with it. I take pride in being open-minded & open-hearted allowing me to help you create something as authentic & unique as you are.Want to chat? Touch my heart.

vow renewal celebrant Great Missenden


If you're looking to add that 'extra something' to your life ceremony I have 27 years as a professional singer, predominantly in musical theatre in shows such as Les Mis, Grease, Mamma Mia!, Guys and Dolls, Cats and more - but over the years have sung arias, rock, country, pop, crooner....have voice, will sing!
Perhaps as you walk down the aisle, right after you are declared as wed or for your vow renewals. Perhaps for the funeral service or wake of a loved one.
Prices start from £80 for a song that will elevate your ceremony and add that magical touch. Want more songs? Simply enquire for a quote.If you'd like a sample recording of your fave song to hear how it will be sung......click this ole Heart of Mine.

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